• WHO: Jeanine Hofbauer
  • WHERE: P.O. Box 299
    Pocono Lake, PA 18347
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  • NOW: 570.517.1792
Who says size matters?
Corporation, Small Business or Non-Profit Foundation.
Knowing what, where, why, when and let's not forget how
to allocate a marketing budget in the most effective manner is possible with a professional.
Time IS money. Don't waste time AND money trying to tackle the task on your own.

An experienced Advertising Strategist is what you need.
It's what you deserve.

Personal Details

Helping organizations that benefit people & places to make a community grow.

Exposure is key!
Radio, Billboards, Print, Web, & Television.
From Start of Production to Finish with Implementation.
All that's needed - All in one place.


  • Foundation Fundraising - Money saving strategies create public awareness
  • Small Business Grand Openings - Public Official participation with Media attendance
  • Political Campaigns - Outwit opponents with innovative broadcast outlets
  • Business Marketing Strategies - Little Fish/Big Pond? Stand out with cost effective ads

  • Different clients. Different Needs. What's yours?


    Creative Writing
    Photo Journalism
    Strategic Advertising
    Media Production


      Graduated Suma Cumme Laude

      Recognized for Academic Excellence in Advertising


    Media Consulting

    Developed an innovative campaign strategy geared toward mass media saturation. Generated thousands in advertising at a fraction of the cost in Media Consultant fees for this Non-profit Foundation benefiting our local police force.

  • Billboards
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Television
  • Newspaper
  • Articles
  • Social Networking
  • Writing & Photo Journalism

    Frequently seen in various recognized publications. Professional interview skills with a knack for developing angles for editorial approval. An earned reputation for accurate reporting throughout the area.

  • Weekly Community Publications
  • Newsletters
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Magazine Feature Pieces
  • Advertorials
  • Red Carpet Premieres
  • Public Relations Stategist

    Teamwork with Advertising Agencies providing a well rounded contact base to strengthen Public Official participation thereby enhancing Media Interest for converage.

  • Key Public Official Participation
  • Published articles in various Newspaper
  • Chamber of Commerce Collaborative Efforts
  • Photography
  • Neighboring Business Inclusion
  • Newspaper
  • Video Production

    Creatively writing production Voiceover Copy cohesive to each piece after rolling up the sleeves & diving into the rigorous production acquisition process. Who says work can't be fun?!

  • Pre-production site scouting
  • Compiling photos & planning effective shoot schedules
  • Preliminary subject interviews
  • Preshoot instructions
  • VO Copywriting
  • Post Production Edit Review


    Studying then calibrating the proper branding to meet each organization’s style & convey the right message takes skill.

    It’s a task to balance today’s trends with the individuality of the client. One simple unplanned move can send the wrong message- don’t take that risk.

  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Print Creatives
  • Product Branding
  • People Branding
  • Web Design & Search Engine Optimization

    The World Wide Web.

    An amazing mechanism for reaching countless masses.

    The right images, Creatives & SEO copy can make a world of difference in getting a message to your target audience...
    not to mention standing out from competitors!

    Professional design services are the catalyst in writing these complex web programs.

    Production Sample

    Website, YouTUBE, Television? Whatever the outlet-video production by a Media Professional is a must!

    Intuition to scout then set the proper shoot site for the most impact is crucial when laying out a time frame for filming.

    The sun doesn’t rise & set around us so we need to use that time wisely to meet production deadlines & stay in budget.

    Radio Spot Copy

    60 Second? 30 Second? How about 15 Second Spot Copy for Radio?
    “Choose your words wisely”
    ...a saying that carries a lot of weight in copywriting for Radio Dayspots.

    The experience & know how to get a message across in as little words as possible.
    A talent many find perplexing, We Advertising Pros consider exciting!

    Integrating those pieces in airtimes that will tap into the ears of your target audience- now that’s takes ingenuity!

    Throw in ON-AIR studio visits and you’ve got the recipe for a great campaign!


    5125 Cresco Drive
    Pocono Lake, PA 18347
    Hofbauer Strategies
    P.O. Box 299
    Pocono Lakes, PA 18347
    T: 1.570.517.1792
    F: 1.866.387.3129

    Professional Advertising IS within reach.
    Don't be intimidated by the big boys.
    YOU deserve a shot at success.

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